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Lewis Buxton

Pearson builds worlds in her poems, whether it is the strange towns of the Sims or a different country, where pavements crawl with thoughts. These worlds held themselves up to me, demanding I examine them from all angles. I’m still haunted by scavengers’ aliens and animal ghosts; its cars made up of ‘blood and guts and coupons’; its journeys with dogs into space. Pearson’s sprawling lines think deeply – care deeply – about the worlds they create, and often suddenly contract to small realisations or findings: a bird, a kiss or the very fact that we, and her speakers, exist. These poems are strange, lyric, beautiful and they keep shimmering long after you’ve stopped reading.


Gboyega Odubanjo

Ward’s poems are an excavation of the body in distress. The language here probes and fingers through complex subjects, finding in them a site of endless intrigue. We are placed into a world that allures with its viscerality, one that is at times tender and at others clinical. The Burns Unit asks us: what happens after the trauma? If the body is a home, what happens when that home is compromised? Where do we go?


Johannes Göransson

This is a book that haunts and is haunted by a nouveau roman, restaging Robbe-Grillet as a sensational ritual, an infernal video game.








The idea: We want to create a gumball poetry machine. A machine that dispenses poetry with all the thrill and anticipation of childhood. You know the sort: brightly coloured capsules filled with toys or sweets, the metallic noise of mechanisms at work, and the anticipatory rush of something new.

Now imagine that with poetry. Poems from poets around the world.

The aim: We will take the gumball poetry machine to literary events we attend / run, though the bigger aim is to host the machine in venues across Norwich. We are a UNESCO City of Literature after all.

We aim to pay the poets involved as well as donating to charities.

If the idea proves popular we’d like to create more.

We are open to sponsorship and donations for the purchasing of a gumball machine, capsules, and printing costs. Details on submitting poems will be announced later.

Drop us an email:

Or simply donate below:

Crush: An Anthology of Obsession

Editor: Sophie Essex

We are seeking work that explores the theme of obsession in all its variances and contexts.

Poetry (min. 2 poems)
Short Fiction (max. 8000 words)
Flash Fiction

Send your submission as a .doc or .rtf or .pdf to, quoting ‘CRUSH‘ in the subject header.

Response times vary though feel free to query at any time.

There is no current deadline though we do hope to be in print before 2021.

Blank emails will be deleted. Please be polite. Say hello.
Shared Google Drive files will not be read.
No reprints.
We unfortunately cannot offer feedback. We do send a form rejection email.

Simultaneous submissions are good with us, though do let us know if accepted elsewhere.

Payment: The author will receive one copy of the anthology, access to discounted copies, and a percentage split of any profits.