Salò Press

Fur-Lined Ghettos is our print-only magazine, publishing surreal / beautifully weird / voltaic voices.


Editor: Sophie Essex


poetry – prose – fiction – non-fiction – dreams – automatic writing – experiments – conversations – essays – fact – theory – nonsense

☆ We tend to publish three/four pieces by each contributor – we want to showcase your work – so please bear this in mind when submitting. 

☆ No reprints. Simultaneous subs are fine, just let us know if your work is placed elsewhere so we can congratulate you. 

☆ Send your submission as a .doc or .rtf or .pdf to editorflg@gmail.complease include a brief covering letter / bio and quote ‘SUBMISSION’ in the subject header. Our response times do vary, please bear with us.

☆ If you can purchase a copy of FLG we’d be delighted! As a tiny tiny DIY outfit we can only continue publishing if folk buy the magazine. 

Please note: The payment for your work will be one contributor copy.