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Dreams Of A Dead Country - Douglas Thompson

Dreams Of A Dead Country - Douglas Thompson

Dreams Of A Dead Country - Douglas Thompson

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  • Description

Through a series of fantastical transformations our narrator searches wistfully after a mysterious female presence: metamorphosing through figures human and bestial, animate and inanimate, even as walls / hills / weather. Fraught with claustrophobic imagery, this relentlessly surreal odyssey explores – and seeks to transcend – the borders of the human state.

Dreams of a Dead Country is subtly executed Chinese puzzle-box-of-a-story. Douglas Thompson takes us on a Borgesian journey of identity and disorder; masterfully straddling the dual terrain of both mindscape and landscape. Thompson’s prose is ornate and intimidating, but beneath the surreal projections of his imagination lies a gentle, humble heart. A true artist: one of our finest and most criminally under-rated writers. Dreams of a Dead Country is a gift. - Chris Kelso, author of I Dream of Mirrors

Dreams of a Dead Country immerses us in Thompson’s surreal, majestic and startling imagination, dancing and dragging us through hallucinatory landscapes that broil with myriad transmigrating identities and collapsing dreamy forms—human, animal and object merging and ascending in a kaleidoscope of infinite existences. Beauty and terror fuse in this phantasmagorical journey through a possible Glasgow in poetic prose as fragile as an avian skull, as hard as a minotaur’s horn. -D.P. Watt, author of Almost Insentient, Almost Divine