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Echec! - Tim Major

Echec! - Tim Major

Echec! - Tim Major

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  • Description

I’ll show the people a true spectacle.

For years, Schlumberger has operated the chess-playing automaton known as the Mechanical Turk… and it’s killing him. Tonight, trapped together in the backstage area of a Cuban theatre, it’s time for their final game.

As box-cutter-sharp as Ellison and as wickedly deadpan as Douglas Adams at his finest, Tim Major’s Echec! is a true science-fiction masterclass. - Chris Kelso, author of Voidheads

Tim Major’s bold tour de force reanimates Johann Nepomuk Mälzel’s Mechanical Turk for the AI age, with a lightness of touch that we’ve come to expect from the grand master. Checkmate! - Dan Coxon, editor of Writing the Uncanny



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