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Fang Coda - Ross Scott-Buccleuch

Fang Coda - Ross Scott-Buccleuch

Fang Coda - Ross Scott-Buccleuch

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  • Description

Using obfuscation as primary focus, Fang Coda seeks creative dissonance, craves interpretation, flusters. Veering from impish asymmetry to austere confessions, brandishing assonance, catachresis, and mishearing as playful tools, these poems are childlike, mischievous and often as impenetrable as a cosmic event horizon.

The unique poetry of Ross Scott-Buccleuch has an almost cut-up feel, reminiscent of the Exquisite Corpse games of the first Surrealists in 1920's Paris. At other times its existential reductivism also reminds us of the early poetry of Samuel Beckett, while the startling willingness to re-forge words and language itself recalls Beckett's mentor James Joyce. As with the original word games of Breton and Soupault et al, this book serves as a welcome resource for those needing their heads re-started, their dream life dowsed in the sweet perfume of petrol and set alight by a crazed vandal. - Douglas Thompson, author of Barking Circus

At once vaporous and evocative, Fang Coda is, as its title suggests, a valediction to absent or expired emotions. Ross Scott-Buccleuch's poems resist reductive interpretation while evoking the ghostly forms of failed daily appeals and half-remembered regrets: personal ads, suppressed threats, misheard conversations.

Like moss growing over faded graves, the Dadaesque juxtapositions and off-kilter enjambments conceal portions of their originating impulses while revealing, in glimpses, a deeply-etched catalogue of conflicts. With this volume, Salò Press furthers its claim as one of the most exciting and restless promoters of contemporary experimental verse. - Justin Isis, author of Fake Ass Lawyers