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notes on different places - Kayleigh Campbell

notes on different places - Kayleigh Campbell

notes on different places - Kayleigh Campbell

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These stripped back and deceptively simple poems provide vividly constructed and sensuous accounts of the experiences and interests - travel, parenthood, love and art - that inform them, but a reflexive conflict in the narrative voice weaves a sinister and sometimes threatening counterpoint.

This pamphlet sheds light on life in all its imperfect, vibrant glory. The poems take us on journeys: from a fishtank in Berlin to a Basque farmhouse; from the intensity of orange peel to the vitality of popular culture; from newborn babies to goths. Sometimes surreal, sometimes tender, these are poems of desire and loss, love and danger, juxtaposition and transit: poems to revisit and rediscover. – Rachel Bower

I have long enjoyed Kayleigh Campbell’s work and I really loved dipping into these pithy, perceptive and powerful little poems. With a meditative focus on the micro but also a filmic, almost panoramic, depiction of more universal images; prepare to be transported. – Ashley Hickson-Lovence