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scavengers - Molly Ellen Pearson

scavengers - Molly Ellen Pearson

scavengers - Molly Ellen Pearson

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  • Description

Scavengers is a series of ecopoems that deal with themes of pain, embodiment and sentience, exploring the permeable membrane between personal and environmental trauma, and questioning what, if anything, can be salvaged.

Pearson builds worlds in her poems, whether it is the strange towns of the Sims or a different country, where pavements crawl with thoughts. These worlds held themselves up to me, demanding I examine them from all angles. I’m still haunted by scavengers' aliens and animal ghosts; its cars made up of ‘blood and guts and coupons’; its journeys with dogs into space. Pearson’s sprawling lines think deeply - care deeply - about the worlds they create, and often suddenly contract to small realisations or findings: a bird, a kiss or the very fact that we, and her speakers, exist. These poems are strange, lyric, beautiful and they keep shimmering long after you’ve stopped reading. - Lewis Buxton