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The Plural Space - Matthew Mahaney

The Plural Space - Matthew Mahaney

The Plural Space - Matthew Mahaney

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  • Description

In the plural space, machines

are taught

to mimic

how a skeleton unbuckles.

An animal dismantles. Softly each

taxonomy undoes its seamless structure.

The Plural Space is Eerie rhythm exploring a density, an expansiveness that surrounds you so closely you blur or speak. This book is a layered / precise glance at Sound created by body or machine / at Sound as it hangs between / as it travels between those who use it to communicate / commune / those who struggle with its complex presence. Do you listen / Do you watch it. How can bewilderment be calm. Darkening water? How can sound and speech and listening distort shape / nature / sentence? The gathering thickness of these poems is terrifying and necessary, totally blood filled and churning / a ribboning and beautiful space. -Carrie Lorig, author of The Pulp vs. The Throne